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Modern & Contemporary Lighting

Welcome to TopModern, the best destination for modern furniture, lighting, rugs and decor. Whether you’re interested in refreshing your interior spaces or starting fresh with your home décor, you need the best furniture destination to get access to the modern furniture you need.

We offer the very best in high-end, contemporary furniture that can help you redefine your home and reflect your contemporary taste and lifestyle. Check out our vast collection of stunning modern and contemporary furniture to pick the one you need.

Contemporary design is geared towards a wide range of design sensibilities, from the bold and daring to the minimalistic approach. Our online showroom brings together high quality products from the best furniture brands all in one place for your convenience.

Revitalize your home and office with bespoke contemporary furniture from our curated collection of more than 300 brands. You will find everything, from the best outdoor furniture to landscape lighting brands, and much more at TopModern.

Dining Area
We are a modern furniture destination that can give you access to bespoke pieces to help you refresh one of the most important areas of your home, the dining area. Dine in luxury, surrounded by the best interior décor and furniture in your dining area that suits contemporary design language and exudes brilliance.

Bedroom Furniture
Get in touch with your minimalist tendencies! Adorn your bedroom with minimalist, contemporary bedroom furniture that is practical and soothing to the senses. Make your bedroom look as calm and relaxing as it should feel through the Blanche White chest and the Vertu Black Leather bed adorning your beautiful room.

Office Space Furniture
TopModern is the home of leading contemporary home and office furniture brands. We offer furniture and décor items that can enhance the appearance and comfort of any space. Our TopModern office furniture collection can make your home office a luxurious space where you can work in style.

Modern Home
Our curated assortment of contemporary chandeliers work fantastically with accent furniture, including Ivory sheepskin stools and Avalon accent stools that can breathe new life into your home. Elevate your interior design by taking advantage of the best contemporary furniture that will help you complete the look of your home.

Contemporary Lighting Solutions
All the hard work you put in your home’s interior décor to give it a completely suave and modern look will only bear fruit if you can see it properly. Lighting is key in setting the tone for the overall look of your home. The right lighting solutions can enhance the beauty of your home. At TopModern, we have the perfect modern lighting solutions to bring out the best in your contemporary home.

Area Rugs
The rug is an unsung hero for interior décor, yet, it has the ability to completely transform how a space looks and feels. Occupy different areas of your home with area rugs from reputable furniture brands featuring thousands of options for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a rug to liven up your entryway or to add more comfort to your home, TopModern has got you covered.

Outdoor Furniture
Our outdoor living collection includes products from the best outdoor furniture, lighting, rug and decor brands. Whether you’re searching for outdoor furniture to make your space more suitable for relaxation and rejuvenation, or you want something to bring out the best of your landscaping work, TopModern’s collection has the perfect products for you.