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Lighting has almost always been an afterthought for many homeowners – something to only think about after the furniture, carpets, curtains, paint, and décor items have been picked. This is one of the primary factors that set professional designers apart from an average person. They know that improper lighting or the lack of nuance can ruin the whole mood or experience of a space. For them, lighting is an integral part of the design and décor processes from the very beginning and not an afterthought.

If you want your home to look like a professional interior designer has styled it, make sure you consider its lighting from the very beginning.

Use Different Types of Light Fixtures to Create Layers of Lighting
The term ‘layered lighting’ may make it sound complex, but, in reality, achieving it is quite simple. It involves using different types of light fixtures to create functionally and visually balanced spaces. Here the three types of lightings that you should use to create spaces that offer comfort, utility, and beauty, all at the same time:

  • Ambient Lighting
    This is the base or foundational layer of lighting that offers overall illumination. Its main purpose is to brighten up living space uniformly, so people can easily see and move around without knocking into furniture pieces or tripping over a kid’s toy. Ambient lighting is most commonly set up with overhead fixtures. Depending on the theme and style of your home décor and your personal taste, you can choose a chandelier, a flush or semi-flush mount, or recessed lighting fixture to set the base for your room.
  • Task Lighting
    Task lighting is what it sounds like – a light source that offers illumination needed to perform certain tasks, such as reading. There is a huge variety of task lighting fixtures available for different areas of the house and different purposes. For example, table lamps and desk lamps are generally used in bedrooms and home libraries to serve as an additional source of light while reading or writing. Pendant lights and island lights are used in kitchens and dining spaces most commonly. And vanity lights are used in bathrooms and dressing areas to have enough light for doing makeup.
  • Accent Lighting
    The third and final layer of lighting in a room comes from accent lighting fixtures. While their basic purpose is to highlight the architectural features and major decorative elements of a house, they also help to set the overall mood of a space. This is why accent lighting is also often regarded as mood lighting. Using accent lighting fixtures is also a surefire way to add character and charm to your house. Wall sconces, picture lights, recessed lights, and track and spotlights are the most commonly used accent lighting fixtures.

Brighten-Up Your Home with Modern and Contemporary Lighting from TopModern
Whether you need one particular type of lighting or all of them to set up layered lighting in your home, we have got you covered. At TopModern, we offer a huge variety of options for each category of lighting. All our modern contemporary furniture is only sourced from the best quality furniture brands. When you buy from us, you can rest assured that you will get the best value for your money. Check out our modern and contemporary lighting collection to enliven your home.

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