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Modern & Contemporary Rugs

You can ask any interior designer and they’ll tell you how much they love modern & contemporary rugs! Made from various kinds and types of materials and through different weaving techniques, rugs are central to any room’s décor.

If you have the space and the right environment for large rugs that almost cover the entire floor in the room or you prefer an area rug to tie in the room, there are many ways of utilizing modern & contemporary rugs.

With a plethora of styles, sizes, and shapes of modern & contemporary rugs available in the market, you have an opportunity to create a focal point in the room. Living rooms are not the only place you can use rugs. They can go underneath your bed or a small sitting area within your bedroom or in the foyer, underneath the dining table, breakfast nook, etc.

TopModern’s selection of high-quality modern & contemporary rugs is second to none. You can find a plethora of colors and styles for both indoor and outdoor spaces. From area rugs to runners, we are your destination for all types of rugs. A variety of colors, patterns, materials, and weaving techniques are available you choose from. We’re sure our specially curated catalog has something for every rug shopper.

Pull Your Room Together with Modern & Contemporary Rugs
Modern & contemporary rugs are more than just carpet pieces. They are a crucial part of every interior decorator’s arsenal. Whether you’re moving into a new place or renovating your existing house, changing the rug or carpeting can change transform the entire room.

Whether you choose a plain, solid-colored rug for an otherwise loud room or a busy rug for a relatively minimalist room, it will pull everything together. You can use it to create synchrony in the color palette you’ve chosen for the room. Or you can use it to add an accent color to an ultra-modern room with a neutral color palette.

Regardless of the way you plan on using your modern & contemporary rugs, there are a few factors you need to consider before settling on one.

  • The material of the rug you’ll buy will determine its longevity and durability. Wool rugs are more expensive but they last a long time. Synthetic rugs, on the other hand, are tougher and more forgiving when it comes to heavy foot traffic and spillage. Then there are rugs made for the outdoors.
  • The size of the rug is very important. If you have a large room and you want to spate into different areas, are rugs that fit the furniture on it with sufficient room for movement is great. You wouldn’t want to have a rug too small or large as that will off-set the room.
  • Color, design and patterns have a huge impact on how a rug would change the room. Make sure you are careful with the color palette as to not clash themes. If you’re not entirely sure of what color palette you’ll end up with a rug with neutral tones will work great.