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When redecorating a space, most of the people place a huge emphasis on buying modern contemporary furniture but overlook accessories. There are no two views about the fact that furniture does play a key role in deciding the layout of a room. But, accessories add the depth, dimension, and flair to it. The use of wrong accessories can ruin the look and feel of even the most expensive and stylish furniture. Similarly, carefully selected and placed accessories can elevate the interior to another level, even when you have the most basic furniture. They can also be used to pull different design elements together. Simply put, accessories enliven your spaces by adding color, pattern, form, and texture.

Using Accessories to Enhance the Décor of Your Home – Some Useful Tips and Ideas
Here are some ideas to help you add personality and character to your house with accessories:

  • Use Mirrors to Open Up Small Spaces
    Using mirrors has long been one of the most foolproof ways to create an illusion of bigger and open space and to brighten up small and dark places by reflecting light. But, modern-day mirrors also work as an element of décor. So, go ahead and place mirrors in small or narrow spaces of your house.
  • Use Wall Art to Create a Focal Point
    One of the basic differences between amateurs and professional interior decorators is that the pros always plan the entire layout of a room around a focal point, whereas non-professionals do not. This is why professionally designed spaces have a natural flow, whereas the ones designed by non-professionals feel disjointed. While the best way is to identify a focal point in the structure of a room, such as a fireplace in living areas, many spaces do not have one. In such a situation, using a big, bold, statement piece of wall art is the simplest and best way to create a focal point.
  • Switch Big, Boring Sofas with Accent Benches, Stools, and Poufs
    Spruce up your living room by replacing your giant sofas with modern contemporary furniture. You don’t have to throw away all your sofas, though. Leave one in its place and play around it with other seating options, such as accent benches, stools, poufs, or ottomans.
  • Use Pillows and Throws to Warm Up a Space
    Pillows, cushions, and throw blankets are décor accessories that bring color and texture to your dull and boring spaces, along with helping to improve comfort and coziness. When used aesthetically, they also add a touch of decadence and luxury to any room.
  • Use Storage Pieces to Clear Up the Clutter
    Just because you love to read magazines or newspapers or you work from home doesn’t mean they have to be there on your coffee table all the time. Get some stylish storage pieces, like modern magazine racks and storage bins to keep everything organized.

TopModern – Your Ultimate Place to Get Contemporary Home Décor Items
From different types of wall art and wall décor items to mirrors and vases to a variety of storage accessories, we have an extensive range of décor items from the best home décor brands out there. Do check out our various categories of home décor to spruce up your interiors.

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